About me


About me

My name is Anna and I'm a full-time miniature artist.


I studied a lot and became an accomplished artisan. Today, I'm glad to have the chance to make this world a mini-bit more beautiful.
If you wonder about my way into miniature art world and my philosophy - here is my story.

It began 10 year ago...
...when a friend introduced me to the art of miniature making. Coming from a creative family, I immediately wanted to try. While testing and learning miniature-making, I also opened a miniature accessories shop, which I successfully ran for several years, with a partner. This gave me the opportunity to meet peers, stay up-to-speed with latest trends and reinforce the ties in the dollhouse community.

But having this store, in parallel with my corporate, job was not enough…

Life brought me to Austria: I quit my corporate job, moved to a beautiful location in the Tyrol mountains (where I live with my partners) and became a full time miniature artist. 
I have a cozy, well-equipped workspace with an incredible view (that inspires me!) and I work to improve my skills day by day.
Step by step I've come to something I've always dreamed about. I do what I love and I have everything for it. .

You want to know what excites me about miniature work?
I revive dollhouse scenes and make them unique. All my miniatures are hand crafted; I design all the 3D prototypes (now available in my shop), which I draw and develop specifically for each project. I use different techniques and noble materials to create the most realistic miniatures. Polymer and porcelain clays, metal and wood work are my favorite.

Each miniature takes days or weeks of meticulous work and is always made with care. This is my philosophy.

I specifically like to work on personalised orders, to make someone's dream come true (in miniature ;-). I get great satisfaction from making mini-miracles that bring more happiness to this world.

One more thing: it's very important for an artist to be recognised and to share with the art community. That's why I work my online presence (selected links are below). I have my own online shop, where I sell a few items; and an Instagram account where I share with the miniature community and collaborate with other artists or connoisseurs. Also, I have Patreon page where I publish my mini creation's diary. You can join this journey to know more about the process and support me (for a nominal charge).

I look forward to sharing my journey with you! 

With love, 

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